Lifestyle Portfolio with Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher Kristi Wrinkle

Kristi Wrinkle, personal trainer - yogi - health guru of infinite talents. We met early on Tuesday morning to create a major addition to her brand portfolio, outfitted with lifestyle shots that illustrate her personal style, not just her "offerings. 

We started on the 600 block with a mural tour.

An avid climber, Kristi was game for all the opportunities to get physical and climb, run, stretch, and make the most of our setting.

Transitioning to a more personal + professional look, we added a blazer and heels out front of the State Theatre. 

Kristi's bohemian/earthy style is unmissable, and the stark contrast of her vibrancy against the delapidated concrete bank building on Central Ave made for incredible views. 

As an online-serving fitness professional, Kristi spends a fair amount of time communicating virtually with clients, writing nutitrion and fitness plans, and increasing her knowledge with continuing education. Sharing these types of professional photos will build out her Instagram and web platforms in ways that help her clients feel comfortable working with her - even if they are thousands of miles away. 

You can learn more about Kristi on her website, KWFIT365, as well as by following her on Facebook and Instagram